Thursday, May 7, 2015

Let Your Programs Be Known

Your facility may have some of the best programs and instructors in your area, but that doesn’t matter if you don’t have effective marketing methods. Effective marketing isn’t only marketing that advertises your programs, but it is also marketing that is cost-effective and time-efficient. Recently SAI posed the question about effective marketing methods to its clients, and six marketing strategies were consistently reported as being the most effective for retaining and gaining customers. These strategies can easily be layered to provide exposure of the great programs and services your facility offers.

  1. Word of mouth. If you do good work, people will tell their friends. In the same manner, if you do poor work, people will tell their friends. Let your quality programs and service advertise themselves.
  2. Social media. Keep your current customers and potential customers interested with new updates and information about what programs you offer. If you use social media, keep it active.
  3. Internal advertising. Don’t forget to post information about what programs you have to offer for customers to see while engaged at your facility. Move beyond the simple message board and advertise with banners or other signage in noticeable areas.
  4. E-mail listservs. Some facilities have found success with providing current and past customers with email alerts regarding upcoming programs.
  5. Paper brochures. Even though we live in a technology-driven age, the paper brochure ought not to be underestimated. A paper brochure can easily become a mainstay on a customer’s refrigerator and doesn’t require the customer to do extra work to seek out your programs.
  6. Community flyers and calendars. Integrate yourself into the community at large and reach potential customers who may not be seeking what programs you offer.

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