Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SAI Leadership Conference Focusing on Change

Water Spray Park, 1961

The 2016 theme of SAI’s Leadership Conference is ‘Focus on the Future’. This year’s keynote speaker, Judith Leblein Josephs will speak from decades of experience in the aquatics industry about the current trends and upcoming changes to expect while engaging in the world of aquatics.

According to Josephs, changes are coming.
Judith Leblein Josephs

“The popularity revival of natural aquatic settings, such as rivers and lakes, is one such trend,” she notes. “The popularity of waterparks and treated-water facilities over past decades hampered the success of natural recreation areas; however, the trends are returning to a desire for natural recreational habitats.”

Josephs has also monitored an increasing desire for  recreational aquatics programs in natural settings. At this year’s SAI Leadership Conference, she will examine not only these trends, but also their impact on the delivery of aquatics programs and ability to adapt to the changing aquatics market.

“We will talk about the trends and expectations of this generation’s employees and consumers, Millennials,” she describes. “We will explore how to engage and motivate Millennials both as employees and facility patrons.”

This year’s SAI Leadership Conference in San Diego, will be held March 6-7. To register, contact Sara Poe at    

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